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About " Youth Can Do It " NGO

Nongovernmental organization, nonpolitical  and without a patrimonial purpose (NGO), launched on 28th of March 2008 with the desire of organizing events dedicated for the youth all over the world.

YOUTH CAN DO IT organizations' purpose : helping the personal and proffesional development of the people.

The primary objectives of YOUTH CAN DO IT Organization are :

  1. > promoting electronic music ;
  2. > promoting young musical artists with tallent ;
  3. > acting in the porpuse of showing people that humans are the key in the earths` ecosystem and can determin major changes by protecting life and the surrounding environment ;
  4. > realising different projects to integrate the youth in todays' society.

For accomplishment of its' objectives, the YOUTH CAN DO IT organization has the following primary attributes:

  1. >building a youth community that have the same hobbies ;
  2. >organizing events entitled „Night Music” events, that reprezent alternative spending of free time in a good athmosphere (open-air events, with ecological purpose and against the consuming of noxious substances like alcohol, drugs and tabacco) ;
  3. >organizing competitions ( sports, musicals, and so on.. ), camps, experience exchanges and other happenings that relay on human interaction ;
  4. >organizing actions with the purpose of presenting an alternative musical genree to other musical styles, that has been more and more popular all over the world.

Night Music represents a team of young people, keen on promoting electronic music, that is a part of "Youth Can Do It" Organization. This team has branches in different regions of Romania (until now) :

  1. >   Night Music SUCEAVA Branch
  2. >   Night Music BOTOSANI Branch
  3. >   Night Music IASI Branch

For more details and to get in contact with our members, we invite you to join our forum.


If you wish to colaborate in the following events or for any other reason, please contact us on:



The atmosphere at a Night Music
( Youth Can Do It ) event:




to the official website of "Night Music" Team
that is a part of "Youth Can Do It" Association !

- The english version of the site a work in progress.. -



How can I become a member / volunteer ?

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Find out how you can join our teem and what advantages does being a member/volunteer bring.
("Frequently Asked Questions" section)

Members` websites

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We invite you to visit the personal websites of our members.
(DJs and listeners)

Portal TuSiRomania.roRadio ImpactFM25h.roOrasul Suceava .roTechno.roRadio Trance RomaniaInhibitii.ro
Zile si noptiTv Plus SuceavaBotosani FunTele`MZiarul MonitorulRadio Meridian BotosaniCapisco
Asociatia JuventusFundatia ANADirectia Judeteana de TineretHai In Oras .roLove 2 Dance .roSoFresh.roVlado Sapte seri Ziarul de IasiIn orasSeven SignsDJSET.infoUrban Works Trance Vibrations Radio